Medicare O2 plus

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  • Who else wants to protect their health and that of their loved ones?


    Created in close collaboration with a team of doctors, Medicare™ is a company specialised in developing solutions for the health and medical environment. Usually reserved for healthcare professionals and laboratories, we wanted to share our know-how with you through an innovative product that is accessible to the greatest number of people.


    • Do you sometimes suffer from respiratory distress?
    • Do you wish to check your health regularly?
    • Are you afraid of going to the doctor?
    • Do you need a solution to do it from home?


    Discover Medicare™, the ultra precise and functional oximeter.

    Equipped with an adjustable and easy to read screen, it informs you in real time of your health status.

    Medicare™, this is above all three main functions: the measurement of oxygen in the blood, the measurement of heart rate, an alert in case of respiratory distress.


    It can be used at any time, it is recommended by health professionals, it is precise and functional, Medicare™ will ensure you a daily follow-up wherever you are.


    So don't waste any more time, adopt Medicare™ now and take advantage of a -40% discount until midnight.

    Medicare O2 plus

    Medicare O2 plus

    A difficult situation

    In these complicated times, our mind can easily play tricks on us. A simple cough can become a real disease in our head.

    To keep a cool head, it is important to be well surrounded. By the right people on the one hand, but also by good equipment on the other.

    An equipment that is able to tell you if everything is going well and to reassure you thanks to the precision of its technology.

    An advanced technology

    Made for healthcare professionals in hospitals, Medicare™ features ultra-precise technology that indicates your body's vital signs.

    Tested in real conditions by independent laboratories, the oximeter is also used by emergency doctors during interventions. The accuracy of the data and the speed of the device make it an essential tool in their daily lives.

    Your health first of all

    Blood Oxygen: Medicare™ detects in real time the level of oxygen in your blood and displays it on the screen.

    Heart rate: you have any doubt regarding your heart rate? Don't take any more risks. Test yourself in a few seconds to be sure.

    Do you really want to put your health at risk by going to the doctor?

    Or would you prefer to have reliable follow-up before you leave home?



    As a first aid crew member for several years, I had a small first aid bag prepared for me. So I needed an oximeter to do a check-up. Tested after several times on different people, it is light, its screen is bright and pleasant, the readability of the information is effective. 


    "I took it as a personal and professional purpose and I'm very satisfied. I compared it with the one of the work, the measurements made are reliable. It is delivered with a strap and a case, that makes it a complete kit. I recommend it" 


    Suffering from COPD, this device is indispensable to me! It is precise and functional! All the necessary information is indicated, it can be oriented on demand, we see the battery level, the saturation and the heart rate! Compared with the one at my pulmonologist, it is very close to reality! Excellent quality / price ratio. Purchase to be recommended" 


    "This oximeter is as accurate as the one we find at the hospital." 


    "This oximeter is simple to use, comfortable and seems quite accurate. You can change the screen orientation with a simple click, it's convenient. Putting the finger in either direction does not change the measurement. You can have an alarm when the saturation drops below 88. Convenient for sports people or sports at high altitude." 

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